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2-Year-Old Boy Drowned in a Washing Machine

Feb 26, 2017

A 2-year-old boy was drowned in a washing machine last Saturday (18) in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo.

Jaimerson Cardoso Dias Júnior, 02, was at home with his great-grandmother and his eight-month-old brother when it happened.


The child lived with his parents, an 8-month-old brother and great-grandparents, and during the weekends when he did not go to school, he was taken care of by those in the house.

According to the report card, the boy’s great-grandmother would have put clothes to wash in the tan and went back into the house, she did not realize that the great-grandchild took advantage of the distraction to enter the machine.

At the time of the accident her great-grandmother was alone in the house with the child and her younger brother, only minutes later you realized that the eldest boy had disappeared.

Desperate, the boy’s grandmother even asked for help from her neighbors. Police were fired and found the boy already dead inside the tank.

According to the family, Juninho as he was called by his relatives, would have used a chair to enter the small box that was inside and was placed outside only when it was to be used.

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