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Biker Killed

Jan 16, 2013
An accident on the morning of Tuesday, near the headquarters of the Superintendent of Municipal and Traffic Transpose (SMTT), killed a motorcyclist ride and left the wounded Avenue Durval de Gois, the district’s board, uptown Maceió. The bike model Suzuki  black plate and NML 7453/AL conducted by Tiago Duarte Costa, 22, crashed into the back of a truck Mercedez Bens, red card and KFU 8212 (Palmares / PE).

The motorcyclist, John Paul Galdino da Silva, 75, reported that ran toward the exit of Maceió when a bus that was stopped suddenly in front of a traffic light. To avoid rear shock Paulo Galdino said he also stopped the truck when he realized that was just behind the speeding motorcyclist who also began braking – without success – finishing by hitting the back of the vehicle. James died instantly. The other girl who was with the victim was rescued in serious condition to the General State Hospital