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Construction Site Accident

Apr 08, 2016
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What was he doing there in the first place? No health and safety in Thailand?

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  • dexxter

    There is NO Health and Safety in Thailand.
    Construction site in Bangkok

    We went to visit a construction site in northern Bangkok yesterday where my girlfriend’s father is the building site manager.

    The building is still just an empty shell with bricks being laid in sections on the top floor, and the roofing about to be installed. There are no safety railings, scissor lifts or safety equipment being worn. No hardhats, safety boots or vests, only cloth hats to protect from the sun, and open sandals on the feet.

    The scaffolding on the left side of the building is made of metal tubing, while the one on the right side is nailed together lengths of thin tree trunks. They seemed fairly sturdy although I would not venture on to it.

    The workers and their families all live on the site in roughly built tin sheds built around sapling frames. Some of the huts are on the ground, but a new one was built in a couple of hours on the day we were visiting. It was on the 2nd floor and a new family moved in that day. There was no need for a roof on this new hut since it was already under cover in the building shell. A husband and his wife and probably children moved in there. When I went up to have a look, the woman was making the place feel like home with cushions and some family photos being stuck to the tin walls. She seemed happy… probably both she and her husband had been hired to work there.

    There was a little 3 year old girl playing on the top floor of the building while her mother laid bricks nearby. The child could have fallen down a stairwell with no railings, or down the lift shaft, or had a brick fall on her head. Yet there she was seemingly happy and safe. Another child even younger, probably less than 2 years old, was with his parents on the site. Later that day, when his parents were working upstairs, this little boy was sleeping in a makeshift hammock a few metres from them.

    The dog is a male yet his name is “Bitch”. This might be why he has a constant frown on his face, or maybe he is worried about the lack of OH&S nearby.

    Thailand is an amazing place… so different in many ways to what we are used to.

  • dexxter

    I could give many other examples of (NO) OH&S safety in Thailand.

  • dexxter

    Looks like this guy was a welder up on the metal roof framework, and the structure collapsed while he was up there working. That red box is probably the welder transformer.