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Crushed to Death

Dec 29, 2016

An accident happened on Tuesday morning, (27) at a fuel station in Campo do Santana. A station attendant was pressed between two trucks. He could not resist the wounds and died instantly.

The station is on the BR-116, near the border between Campo do Santana and Fazenda Rio Grande. The accident happened when the man changed the oil from one of the trucks. There was another front without a driver, who ended up moving toward the victim and pressing the worker.

The siate was triggered, but when it arrived at the place only verified the death of the brawler Edson Carlos Tecal. There is still no information on how the accident happened, whether the vehicle had a mechanical failure or whether the truck’s hand brake was lowered.

The case will be investigated by the Civil Police and the person responsible for the truck may be criminally liable for manslaughter if it is proved that the fault was not his, even if it was caused by malpractice or negligence.

The victim was a frenzy 15 years ago. Coworkers were shocked by the tragedy.

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