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Drunk Driver Kills A Woman

Mar 31, 2013
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Zuleide Maria da Silva, 41, who was on the back of her husband’s bike was killed by a drunk on Friday 29th, her husband was taken to hospital.


The driver of the car Levi Helienio dos Santos, 37, did a runner leaving his vehicle behind.



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  • SicMonster666

    No way she’s in one piece after being hit by that car going 120 mph. She’s faking just for the attention, haha! Just like a woman too. What a faker, wake her fat ass up!

    • DeathsDoor

      You still would thou eh? 🙂

      • SicMonster666

        Oh you bet your ass i would 🙂 !

      • DeathsDoor

        GO FOR IT! 😉