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Gas Explosion Kills Man

Mar 30, 2017

According to witnesses Monday dated March 27, 2017 approximately 05.00 hrs, the victim (Alm) came to the scene and witness primoto (Alm) come to the area Negri Pringsewu MAN school located in the majestic Dawn Pekon West district. Pringsewu Kab. Pringsewu, where his early victims received orders for enterprising farewell balloons that will be implemented in class XI IIS 3 later by witnesses Bin parked one unit Spd Motor brand Viar wheel 3 red No. Pol: BE 6265 UG.kemudian victims began to fill the air in the balloon using the gas inside the tube while the witness duty that has been filled balloons tied with a rope.

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 victim refill tube using a mixture of caustic soda, aluminum derived from soft drink cans and aluminum powder, after charging is completed back in activity continue filling the balloon with the gas.

Witnesses heard explosions from the direction of the tube that had been refilled by the victim and heard also by the witness endang where the explosion resulted in the window class is broken, the roof and Flapon severely damaged that the victims of debris so that some members of his or her body is cut off and died in scene.