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Missing Body Found

Jun 03, 2017

The body of missing Zeneide Maria Damasceno, 48 years of age was found on Friday afternoon. She had been missing since Saturday night of the 27th 0f May.

According to the Sub-Lieutenant Janduy , who led the rescue operation, the victim drowned on Saturday night, when he was accompanied by family members in a vehicle and the driver tried to follow the wet passage in Ribeirão Street in Caiucá, which is Cut by the Mocó Creek and there was a large volume of water, in the middle of the crossing a car that was in front stopped abruptly and the car in which the victim was started to be dragged by the current, the other occupants left and she could not and stayed in the vehicle Who was dragged and the next day the car was found in the bed of the creek, but the victim had disappeared.

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