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Two teenagers drown.. AND!

Oct 16, 2014

Three people from the same family were drowned in different places, between two teenage victims.According to information from relatives of the victims, the first deaths occurred in “Prainha” located on the Tocantins River. The Byanca de Sousa Silva 14 years and Kezia Lima Silva 11 years 1cousins ​​were on a tour of the church to which he belonged and both bathing in the river. It was when they went out of sight of responsible and disappeared in the waters of the river. Both were later found lifeless, drowning victims. According to reports of a fisherman who lives near the river, the girls had to attend the usual place and bathing. The bodies were recovered and sent to the IML of the Empress. The third death occurred 15 km from the first fact, the river known as “Geladinho” 01 hours after the death of the girls. A man identified as Charles Silva Freitas 36 years was with friends drinking and bathing in the river when for unknown reasons ended up drowning.Coincidentally, Charles was a relative of the two girls who had died an hour before. He came to be rescued, but died before being admitted to the Hospital Governador Edson Lobao. The body of the uncle of the two girls was also taken.


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