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I Love This One

Aug 14, 2017
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According to information, the thief saw a woman in the car, broke the glass and tried to rob her, but didn’t expect she was a military police officer.

This bloke got what he deserved

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  • Unmourned

    So….a guy tries to commit a robbery, and “deserves” to die? Oh wait, it’s because a big, scary MAN dared to try and rob a wittle, innocent woman, huh? Fucking Feminidiot. I hope the same thing happens to you.

    • Grimkeeper

      You’re so fucking stupid you incompetent spineless piece of human garbage. She defended herslef. What that DUMB IDIOTIC man didn’t expect is a woman Who has her own damn back. Hope you get shot down:)

  • Gamayun

    Haha great plot twist

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