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Police Shot Out

Oct 12, 2016

Early on Saturday (08) Three criminals were killed during exchange of fire with police officers in Itinga neighborhood in Lauro de Freitas (29 km from Salvador).According to the military police, a group of 04 men were carrying out several robberies in the region and on the complaints, the officers of the Company Independent Policing Tactical / Rondesp RMS was driven to the site and were greeted by gunfire by marginal. According to reports, the military reacted and managed during confrontation balear two thugs who were also rescued to the hospital Menander de Farias, but succumbed to his injuries and later died in the medical unit. The other two assailants managed to escape, but minutes later one of them was located by the Employment Operational Tactical Squad (PETO) of the 81st CIPM and during a new firefight he was eventually shot and also helped the hospital but did not survive and died. The fourth robber has not been located and follows the run. With marginal PM seized two .38 caliber pistols, a simulacrum of caliber pistol point 40 (fake gun), seven mobile phones of various brands, a tablet, a silver chain, two silver bracelets, three watches, three rings and sunglasses. All material seized was taken to the 27th Precinct of Lauro de Freitas.

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