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Shoot out with police officers

Nov 09, 2014

Risomar dos Santos, just 13 years old, died in a shoot-out with police officers in the early afternoon of Saturday 8th. 

According to Day Operations Officer, Lieutenant Person, the Coordinator of the Central Radio reported that two members had committed a robbery in the Village Canaan, who already is on the border with Caruaru Toritama and fled bound for Rafael Village, this two Rafael police were to try to intercept the robbers and when two suspects who were on a motorcycle with the same characteristics as described in the Radio Center information were addressing PM’s ordered them to stop and one of them made two shots against the police, who height retaliated and managed to hit the lowest they died instantly, his accomplice who drove the motorcycle and ran about 800 yards from where his friend dropped dead, he went into a thicket and dropped the bike, YBR one without plate, numbered chassis adulterated and .38 with three ammunition, one intact and two ordnance, a proof that he shot at police.
The grandfather of Risomar his Gilvan Bezerra, who lives in Rafael, said his grandson lived with him and he did not know that his grandson was wrong, although even leave home every night with him colleague who was with him in exchange shooting, saying he was going hunting, but never came home with a bird.

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