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Gory Realistic Cakes

Apr 21, 2016

Katherine Dey’s a nurse with a dark side who delights in stunning people with her artistic baking.


A keen baker who works as a nurse has brought the workplace into her cakes – by creating frighteningly real and gory sweet treats.

Katherine Dey’s day job in accident and emergency has been the inspiration for some truly gruelling works of art, as she blends medical emergencies with cream icing.

The 30-year-old has a background in creative endeavours, having studied art and design.

And now she’s using what she sees every day in the hospital where she works in Rochester, New York, to inspire her work.

There’s been a brain with the stem still attached, a bottom with thermometer inserted and even a placenta.


The mum of two graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in illustration, and she says that the darker side of baking interests her.

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