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Shot and burned

May 17, 2014

Civil Police claims to have identified those responsible for killing five people – three from the same family – on Wednesday in Marechal Rondon neighbourhood in Salvador. The victims were shot and had their bodies burned.

One of the older children fought one of the murders stabbing him with a knife in suspect’s shoulder. The blade broke and became lodged, but he managed to escape – without the motorcycle on which he arrived on.1


Mary of the Passion Pereira, 65, their children Jadaíra Pereira dos Santos, 28, and Jackson Pereira dos Santos, 27, and an unidentified woman were killed. The fifth victim, Antonio Claudio dos Santos, 39, had 90% of body burned and was taken to the General State Hospital (HGE). He died on Thursday.

According to police, the killers arrived on the scene and shot the victims, then setting fire to the house. Maria was found on the couch, hugging her daughter.

The fire was controlled by people from the area, until emergency workers turned up.



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