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12th Grade Student Kills Head Teacher

Sep 24, 2013

On September 14th, a murder happened in No.2 High School of Fuzhou Linchuan where 12th grade student Lei X killed his head teacher due to dissatisfaction with his administration.

Reporters of this article have just learned from the school that the conflict between the two parties originated two days before the murder, when Lei X’s cell phone was confiscated while he was playing with it during recess, and head teacher Sun X want to inform his parents. According to Xiong Haishui, head of the School Affairs Office, the student involved in the murer of his head teacher is named 2Lei X, 12th grade, and not yet 18 years old. The murder took place at about 11:26am, while head teacher Sun X was preparing for class at the office. Lei X went into the office with a fruit knife in his hand, cut the unsuspecting Sun X’s carotid artery, and killed Sun X instantly at the scene.

According to the school, Lei X likes surfing on the internet, and always sleeps in class, while his academic grades are average. According to the head of the School Affairs Office Xiong Haishui, the conflict originated on September 13, when Lei X’s cell phone was confiscated by his head teacher while he was playing it during recess and Sun X had required Lei X to have his parents come to the school in order to return the cell phone directly to the parents. The next day, Lei X went to a vice-principal’s office to complain but after mediation, the two left. About 3 hours later, the murder took place. During the murder, there was another teacher in the office at the scene, but because the 1desks were piled high with books, this teacher didn’t actually see the murder unfold and it was not until Sun X gave out a scream as he was stabbed did he immediately call the emergency number. When the paramedics arrived at the scene, Sun X was already dead.