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13 Year Old Raped and Murdered

Mar 11, 2018

Drug user Edvan Rolin da Silva, 13 years old, was beaten to death around 10 am on Saturday, 10, inside a house in Rua Aguinelo Bittencourt.

Street dwellers lynched Edivam when they discovered he had just raped and strangled the 13-year-old student named Juliana, the daughter of a couple of the rapist’s neighbors.

The body of a teenager raped and killed by “Edivan” was found in a vacant lot located on the street where the two crimes took place and, according to the version told police, the student was dragged from inside her house.

The drug user only waited for the student’s parents to leave to work and invaded the house knowing that Juliana was alone.

Armed with a knife, he ordered the teenager to remain silent and dragged her into the vacant lot where she practiced rape and then killed her.

A neighbor saw “Edivan” leaving the vacant lot with his blood-soaked clothes and decided to go to the place to see what had happened. The man found the body of the minor and alarmed the other neighbors beat “Edivan” to death after invading the house where he lived.

Residents who lynched the rapist and murderer of the teenager would fire the house with him inside, but a military police garrison arrived just in time to prevent the burning of the property.





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