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14 Year Old Girl Killed

Jul 26, 2017
Around 6:30 am on Tuesday (25), a teenager was the victim of a brutal crime in Caruaru. Danielly Josefa da Silva, just 14 years old, was killed with two violent stab wounds in the Catende Street, in the Demosthenes Veras Loteamento, near Funase. She lived on Peace Street, in the New World Loteamento, also near Funase.

The victim’s father, Gersino Joaquim, said that she was very studious, who was in her 9th grade at Escoa Tereza Nelma in the Maria Auxiliadora neighborhood and every Tuesday she leaves home at 6am and 8pm to go to a Computation near the Grand Hotel and today was killed as she walked on foot to the home of a cousin who was attending this course. He stated that he lived in Itatioa’s Baixio Estate, in the rural area of ​​Caruaru, where he lived with his mother and the other 13-year-old daughter, but due to a depression that his wife had, they moved to the city two years ago . Asked if his daughter ever had any disagreements with anyone, he said he was approached by a boy who wanted to date her, but he did not allow their courtship, and the boy did not like being annoyed.
The criminal expert, Dr. Cleomacio Miguel, reported that the young woman was partially beheaded, who took two violent blows of knife-fish on her neck and that by violence the intent of the tormentor was not to injure her but to kill her. The expert also said that she took the first blow and fell, in that the assassin took advantage that she was fallen and delivered the fatal blow.
The delegate of the 19th Homicide Office, Dr. Sérvulla Waleska, practically ruled out the robbery case, since the cell phone and other belongings were not taken away by the murderer, including that a 17-year-old teenager was apprehended by the Military Police, Even if she would have gone to the young lady in court and was opposed by her father, but the boy denies any involvement in the crime, that he is detained and will testify in his DP, where some witnesses must also be heard.


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