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19 Year Old Woman Raped and Murdered

Aug 02, 2019
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A 19-year-old woman, who was reported missing since last Saturday, was found dead on Monday in the Las Acacias sector of Yamasá municipality.

According to reports from the authorities, the deceased was identified as María Angélica Paulino, who was found in a thicket of the aforementioned sector.

The aforementioned report indicates that the girl was found with blunt trauma in the right side, right side, lumbar region and posterior aspect of the right thigh, also presenting traces of rape, according to the diagnosis of the legist doctor.

The aforementioned report indicates that three people were arrested for the purpose of investigation, including an uncle of the deceased and the ex-partner of the young woman, identified as Jhoelmis García Hernández, 18 years old.

On his side, Luis Manuel Pérez Rosa, stepfather of the young woman, said that García Hernández “had her in anxiety”, since she no longer wanted to continue with him for alleged physical abuse.

The report indicates that Paulino’s stepfather identified some tennis shoes found next to the young woman as Garcia’s property. Similarly, in the place of the fact some women’s belongings and 1,250 pesos in cash were found.


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  • svira

    Poor girl, shes pretty right? why dont the rapist rape ugly woman?

  • Gamayun

    Jesus Christ. Humans are disgusting.

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