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Feb 06, 2017
The morning of this Sunday was located the body of Ricardo Javier González, in a threshing floor of Santa Cruz de Mara, near the alcala of San Rafael del Mojan, specifically in the Camaruco alley.
Gabriela González, the young man’s mother, said that her son left early Saturday in his home in El Caimito de Mara to work with his uncle in Maracaibo, specifically on Belloso Avenue, where he sold fruits and vegetables.
That day did not return to the house, but went to a party when he got off the bus to the entrance of the sector El Caimito, and did not know anything else until this morning, when they were told that he was dead in the threshing Sand with several shots on the body.
Following the Wayuu traditions, his relatives lifted his body, took him to his house and laid him in a hammock.
The young man was not married, had no children and was the eldest of six siblings.
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