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Drug User Kills Woman

Jun 11, 2017

Drug user kills woman and puts the body in a refrigerator and throws her head in a trash

The drug user and black magic practitioner Firmo Farias Sampaio, 34, was reported in police by his own mother, the retired Maria do Rosário Farias da Conceição, 65, after killing, dismembering and hiding a woman’s body inside a refrigerator , In the house where he was living today, in Rua Diagonal nº 5, Betânia neighborhood, in the Southern Zone of Manaus.
Around 11 pm this Wednesday, the mother was called by her son to come to her house saying that “I wanted to show you something.”
As soon as he arrived at the building, Firmo looked at his mother, opened the refrigerator where his body was cut into pieces and said, smiling, “Look what I did mother,” said the retired woman as she arrived at the 1st Integrated Police District To denounce the crime.

The policemen accompanied the retired woman to the place where the body of the quartered woman was, confirmed the homicide and then left behind Firmo Farias, who was located and arrested in flagrante when he walked along Rua São Pedro, Morro da Liberdade, near the court Of the neighborhood samba school.
The drug addict was taken to the 1st DIP and confessed to the crime, revealing that he took the victim’s head into the street in a plastic bag he dumped in a trash can near his house shortly after the murder.
The policemen went to the location indicated by Firmo Farias, but the garbage truck had already passed and surely the victim’s head was taken.
Firmo said that he had consumed enough drugs and could not tell who the woman he had killed and dismembered.
A police team is making efforts to try to identify the murdered woman.

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