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Woman Found Chopped Up

Sep 09, 2017

Man was assessing the quality of water when he noticed the remains of a woman floating.

The body of a woman was found quartered by an employee of the Environmental Surveillance of the Municipal Autonomous Service of Water and Sewage (Samae) in Caxias do Sul on the morning of Wednesday, 6. The man was assessing the quality of the water around at 8:30 am, on the banks of the Barra da Maestra, when she noticed the corpse wrapped in sheets and blankets.
The victim has not yet had the identity revealed by the police. At first, police came to believe that the remains could belong to more than one person. But the hypothesis has already been ruled out. The woman’s head, according to the Military Brigade, was loose and floated beside the other sacks.
The Fire Department was activated to assist in the removal of the remains. It is believed that the body has been thrown across the bridge. Only a detailed skill can determine whether the victim was quartered after she died, or while she was still alive. An investigation by the Civil Police and the General Institute of Skills must discover these details.
The crime seems to have occurred recently, since the quartered parts were not in an advanced state of decomposition. “It is too early to say when the crime happened, but she must have been murdered in the last two days,” says the delegate of Homicides and Disappeared Caxias, Rodrigo Kegler Duarte.
The cuts on the body are not accurate. The Civil Police does not rule out any possibility of investigation. Motives are still unknown.

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