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Chopped up and Burned

Oct 01, 2017
The crime takes place in less than a week after two women are murdered in the Morro do Santiago
The body was found late Tuesday (19), on a street between the Gereba and Babylon communities, in the Barroso neighborhood, in Fortaleza. The victim had limbs severed and was burned.
According to the Military Police, earlier, a complaint was made via the Integrated Coordination of Security Operations (CIOPS), noting that there was a shootout in the area between members of rival criminal factions. A man was still arrested on suspicion of belonging to a criminal group. On his cell phone were found files that associate him with a faction.
After the arrest, police officers continued their work in the neighborhood. Passing through a street, security officers came upon a lot of smoke. As they approached, the military policemen saw parts of the man’s body scattered across the street. Tied arms and legs, head and torso were separated and burned. In addition, the victim was still pierced by a white weapon.

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