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Mar 19, 2018

A woman was shot to death by her neighbor after an argument.

Police authorities reported that inside a house located in the Rancho Amigo housing unit there was a shootout between neighbors, resulting in the death of a woman of approximately 35 years of age.

The victim was identified as Berenice Mata Galindo, who presented a gunshot to the head.

They also reported that the aggressor, named José Antonio Aguado Plata, 37 years old, was also injured by gunfire, so he was taken to a private hospital in the municipality of ixtapaluca.

According to relatives, the shooting was due to a conflict between both families, who live in adjoining houses on Ciruelos Street, of the aforementioned housing complex.

The body of the murdered woman was transferred to the facilities of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico in the region.

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