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Semi-Devoured Body

Jan 05, 2019

The semi-devoured body of a man identified as Jairo Zárate Cruz was found at noon on Sunday, December 30, in a stream in Cuajinicuilapa.

Although he was first sent as a foreigner to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), he was later identified as Jairo Zárate Cruz, 23 years old, originally from San Juan Cacahuatepec, Oaxaca, but settled for some time in the colony Los Lirios, in the municipal seat of Cuajinicuilapa.

The finding was made around 12:00 a.m., when a telephone call was alerted by police corporations about the presence of a lifeless body floating in the “Agua Fría” stream, located on the state highway Cuajinicuilapa-Montecillos .

According to the data obtained, the corpse had bullets in the head, so it is presumed that he was killed on the bridge and thrown into the stream; On the asphalt folder of the bridge, several 9-mm perforated cartridges were also located.

The corpse showed traces of having been eaten by lizards, so his face was completely disfigured; It transpired that the young man was lost from the day before his discovery.

In the first instance, his transfer to Semefo was ordered as an unknown person where the necropsy would be performed, but was later identified by his mother and sister.

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