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9 Year old raped and killed

Dec 21, 2014
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A child of 9 years old and was found dead with signs of sexual abuse. According to information, the girl identified as Evelin Nicole da Silva Sousa used to spend weekends in the house of his maternal grandfather who lives alone, and last Saturday 13th she was taken to her grandfather’s house in the late afternoon and was watching television.

Upon waking, he reported that it found the child. The girl’s body was found about fifty meters from the house in a land where there is a building. Police collected  samples to prove what really happened and two family suspects were heard by the delegate accompanying the case, one of them is the uncle of the victim called Leandro Teixeira da Silva and had one of the house keys and the other is the grandfather Ademir Rodrigues da Silva, who is being touted as a prime suspect because of lesions on his penis that was verified by the Military Police. Both man statements and were then released. The death of this child shocked the population and many people demonstrated in front of the civil police station because to solve this crime.

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