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Attempted Beheading

Oct 19, 2018

At dawn this Friday, October 19, 2018, around 01h: 30min, military police officers of the 14th BPM of Foz do Iguaçu were called to move to the end of Rua Roberto Batata, in the Morumbi III Neighborhood, because according to information they would have several gunshots were heard.

At the end of the street, the military saw a shack with the lights on and the door open, being called the resident, but no one answered the calls, so the military entered the shack and found a male person apparently in death, being immediately fired support of the Siate (Integrated System of Attention to the Trauma and Emergency) of the Fire Department.

With the arrival of the ambulance of the Siate, it was verified that the victim who wore electronic ankle was dead throat. The place was isolated until the arrival of the Civil Police (Homicide Police Station), Police Science (Criminalistics) and the Legal Medical Institute.

With the arrival of the criminal expert, the place of death was investigated, and the weapon used in the crime was not found, but the victim who had been pre-identified by the electronic anklearm as Elano Pereira da Silva, had perforations by puncturing object (possibly a large knife) on the chest, neck, and hand, indicating that the victim would have attempted to defend himself.

The killer or even the killers would have tried to rip the victim’s head off to take it as a trophy, but they could not and did not run away. The investigations are in charge of the Homicide Office.





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