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Jun 05, 2017
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Two decapitated bodies were found at kilometer 2 of the Santo Antônio branch, near the 47 km of the state highway AM-010, which links Manaus to the municipality of Itacoatiara. According to police, the bodies, both males, were found by residents of the station on Saturday afternoon.

“Bullet Train” was suspected of participation On the death of the soldier Portilho

One of the victims is Isac Santos, known as “Trem Bala”, accused of involvement in the murder of soldier PM Paulo Sérgio Portilho, 34, on 26 June, in an area of ​​the Buritizal Novo invasion, in the North Zone Of Manaus.

He was identified because of a star tattoo on the right ombo and a tattooed name on the left side of the chest. Isac was undressed and the other dressed only in jeans. Both had their heads pulled out of their bodies.

The bodies were referred to the Medical Legal Institute (IML), in the neighborhood of Cidade Nova, in the northern zone of Manaus


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