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Body Inside Ice Boxes

Feb 06, 2019


Human remains were found on three spots in Nuevo León. The first cooler was reported near the Apodacapenitentiary next to card board messages. While the municipal agents were attending the report another cooler was called in. The second discovery was reported on Río San Juan street in the central area of Monterrey about 1000 meters from the Topo Chico penitentiary. Municipal agents found two ice coolers filled human remains and two card board messages. The severed head was reprinted after the two first two discoveries were made near the State Investigation Agency at the Urdiales neighborhood on Palo Alto Street.

The victim was not identified, but on the cardboard messages he is signaled as a capo who was an ally of the Gulf Cartel; the messages also go on to read and warn the prisoners to distance themselves from the Gulf Cartel.

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