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Sep 09, 2017
In the Colonia Rafael Díaz Serdán of the municipality of Veracruz, the mutilated bodies of three men were found at midnight on Saturday.
On the bonnet of a car parked in the street Claveles Bugambilias corner, were the heads, hands and lower limbs cut off from the victims, accompanied by a narcomensaje “Veracruz free these robacarros must grab and not raping and torturing innocent working people your naval policy and your SSP and FC respects. “
On the ground, on one side of the same unit, the executioners left the torsos with black bags in which they apparently carried the detached bodies of the subjects, who remain unknown.
According to versions, the mutilated remains were abandoned in that colony by armed people who moved in two trucks Suburban type.
To the place mobilized police bodies as well as personnel of the Regional Prosecutor, who took full knowledge of the finding in order to carry out the diligence.

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