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Cartel Execution

Jan 14, 2013
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Cancun, Quinatan Roo. For the third time so far this year a part of any executed by organized crime cell, being that this time was in a green area within the town Alfredo V. Bonfil, where he found a deceased person as a result of a brutal beating, as even side where the body was found was found cardboard that read “I spend x zeta”, as the body was found a lesion made stab a weapon in a “Z”.


It noted after this data, such are they who looked to the naked eye was discovered, where it was noted that one type cardboard was written in black ink, the words “I spend X ZETA”, also was noticed they had some injuries in the back and abdomen, same that were made with a sharp object in the shape of ua letter “Z”, also in the buttocks with bruising, as if before he was assassinated was tortured to a way of being ” tableado “act that is replaced by a criminal cartel.

Before this he was given the command of the removal of the body, to be transferred to the Forensic Medical Service facilities SEMEFO, where it was performed the autopsy of rigor.

While I was up in the afternoon of that day was given to know that this person is still as unknown, as also unveiled qur this person in the body had several tattoos one being the lower back, where reads the name “JOANNA” left ankle “OLIVIA”, right ankle and the figure of a Playboy bunny and a caption that said I love you Chepe, being that I had dyed hair, a hand and foot painted.

This finding was reported around 07:25 hours a day, through an anonymous call center received the 066, where it was mentioned that the body of a dead person and encobijada lay lying on a green near the Venustiano Carranza Street between Mexican Constitution, in the colony Doctors.

Place within half an hour was crowded by elements of the Municipal Police, Judicial Police State and State, such that the closings were ordered place, since after verifying that it was indeed a person executed , decided to guard the place, to begin with investigations.

He was later a prosecutor, who after support staff of expert services, took various data to present to the body was a sturdy fellow who was light-skinned, in prone position.
it was covered with a white blanket with purple edges, the unbuttoned jeans, and under your buttocks, hands and feet tied with masking tape.

“Google Translation” <<<—-  TWICE! .. I know.. shut up DD.

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