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Corpse Found inside the Trunk of a Car

Aug 18, 2018

The body of a man, still unidentified by police, was found in the trunk of the, early morning of Friday, 17th.

Next to the head the killers placed a piece of cardboard with the following words: “I DIE BECAUSE I BRING MY BROTHERS”.

Police also found inside the car a cell phone with no chip, with a photograph of the man still alive, sitting on a ravine, gagged, with his hands tied behind his back and parts of his body tied with adhesive tape.






On the chest of the man was written, supposedly with knife were the words: “CV CU” As everyone already knows, the acronym CV means Red Command, one of the criminal factions that operate in Manaus.

The body was found when a resident of the street found it strange when he saw two men parking the car locked the doors and  left in a hurry.

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