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Crack User Found Dead

Sep 17, 2017
He was found dead about 8 o’clock in the morning.  José Geraldo Batista Praça Filho , known as “Neguinho” or “Juninho”  was 31 years old. He was killed from blows from a blunt instrument.
The victim’s wife, Adriana Maria, who is an evangelical, said that he worked with her at home in the making of clothes, but a few years ago he started using crack and yesterday evening he asked for money at around 11 o’clock she and the 14-year-old’s son heard the sound of dogs barking but did not have the courage to leave the house and today when she was at the bus stop to go to the police station to find out if he was arrested, she received the phone call from a neighbor informing her that the husband would had been found dead.