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Decapitated Body Found in the Forest

Jul 06, 2018

The body of a decapitated man was found around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 5, in a forest area at the end of Maneca Marques Street, in the Parque Dez de Novembro neighborhood, in the Central-South Zone of Manaus.

An anonymous report informed the police of the 23rd Interactive Community Company (Cicom) that there was a body without a head in that place and that the victim was killed because of a settling of accounts among traffickers in the area.

It is suspected until it was the perpetrators of the crime who phoned the police without identifying themselves, because details were given as to the characteristics of the clothing the man was wearing.

As soon as they entered the forest area and found the body decapitated, the police still spent more than an hour trying to locate the victim’s head, but they did not succeed.

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