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Double homicide

Nov 25, 2014

Samara Vicente Portes

Two people were killed Monday night, November 22, 2014 in Mossley in Rio Grande do Norte. The shooting happened at the intersection of streets Pastor Manoel Nunes Peace with Our Lady of Fatima in Favela Wire. Antônio Francisco Targino de Oliveira, “Toinho purse” 20 years old, born in Natal, was shot with five shots from a 38 revolver and died on the spot and Samara Vicente Portes 8, was hit in the middle of the shooting and died on the Emergency Unit where he was rescued. According to reports the child was playing in the house  in Shepherd Street Manoel Nunes da Paz, when it was targeted. The police were informed that motorcycle individuals, surprised Toinho the house on the Stock Exchange, the Pastor Manoel Nunes Street.Even injured he still tried to run away, but was caught and killed.

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