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Double Homicide

Jun 29, 2016


Two women were stabbed to death

According to the military police after the crime the accused identified as Denildo Oliveira de Andrade 28 years he informed the neighbours who had killed two women on site and asked them to call the PM. Immediately residents entered the place knowing he had a toddler in the house and found the two dead women and the child lying asleep unharmed in a crib. Upon arriving at the site the military arrested the accused red-handed as he tried to flee and led to the police station of civilian police where appropriate arrangements have been made. Although police said, one of the victims who was identified only as Lucy Pereira was the girlfriend of Denildo and another victim Eva Braga was a friend of the couple. The police criminal confessed that he committed the crime because he had discovered that his girlfriend betrayed and that the friend was covering up the case. The bodies of the victims were collected and sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML). The case follows research by the civil police.

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