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Double murder

Jun 17, 2014

A 26 year old, natural Ipiaú, was executed on Saturday morning (14) in the west of Rio de Janeiro.
She was in the company of her boyfriend inside a vehicle, a model Honda Civic when they were shot about 40 times, including high-caliber, fired by at least three men in another car. According to police, the driver, known as “Andrew Zóio”, was a former police officer and was involved with a militia that operates in the region.
Crime took place around 11am. The young Ipiaú was identified as Juliana de Oliveira Sales. She lived in the carioca capital for about three years, where he worked at a car dealership, said a family friend.


The girl’s body is at the Medical Legal Institute Jacarepagua.The family, who live in Residential Antônio Carlos Magalhães (ACM), path 06. According to the family the transfer was approximately 7000 dollars. According to the Secretary of County Government Ipiaú, Enedino Rebolledo, Mayor Deraldino Araújo has authorized the transfer of the body of Juliana.

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