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Drug Dealer Wasted

Mar 25, 2018

A man identified so far with the name Rogério Menezes de Oliveira, commonly known as “Rogério”, who would be linked to drug trafficking and with several prisons in the back, was executed around 7am this Wednesday, in Campina Grande Street, neighborhood of St. Augustine, Central-West Zone of Manaus.

There were at least 10 shots, but one of them, who would have been shot from a rifle, blew out the whole head of “Rogério”, who recently finished serving time for drug trafficking and was released again, according to one of the police officers of the Homicide and Kidnapping Office.

The accused of trafficking would have left his house to leave the minor daughter in school as he did every day and on his return was surrounded by three armed men who fired several times against “Rogério”, and the last shot, of mercy, as one of the police officers said, it blew the victim’s head.

For the police, there is no doubt that the crime has links with the territorial dispute by the traffickers of St. Augustine, and the “Rogério”, according to information from residents who did not want to identify, led one of the groups of criminals the neighborhood.

The men who executed “Rogério” fled in a car Fiat Siena, black, unidentified plate.

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