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Drunken Fight Ends In Death

Mar 30, 2013
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Around 13.35 Thursday 28th, the police were called to a bar for attempted murder. Adenildo Oliveira da Silva, 27 years old AKA (big head) was found laying on the ground. José Fernandes Filho  26, who beat the victim left the bar soon after the attack. The victim later died in hospital.



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  • SicMonster666

    He definitely has got a big head now, fucked his shit up! Been to many bars in my time and in every one their’s always some asshole who’s bigger than everybody else and he’s got a mouth. Betcha in this case, bighead their picked on the wrong guy or said something stupid. Anyway, nice pics DD !

  • DeathsDoor

    Always one asshole in every bar eh?