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Oct 29, 2018

A man identified under the name of Sidney Reate Araújo, aged about 30, was shot and killed at around 22:00 p.m. on Torquato Tapajós Avenue, Manaus’s Cenrtro-South Zone.

The man was found inside a green Celta car, plate JWZ-9289, by a group of people who called the Military Police to report the crime. One and a garrison of the 26th Interactive Community Company was the first to move to the scene of the homicide.

The watchman of a company located in the priories where the murder occurred said he saw two men getting out of the car after several shots were fired at the victim.

A second car just behind stopped to flee the killers, who headed downtown. The forensics team arrived on the scene with police officers from the Specialised Homicide and Kidnapping Police Station and it was confirmed shortly afterwards that the man was executed with 10 shots.

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