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Hairdresser found murdered

Nov 18, 2014

The victim was found by her husband, Carlos Welinton Duffeck. He had gone to fetch her daughter from daycare after having left work and came home when found lying in a pool of blood in the couple’s fourth wife. Miriam had their hands tied and with a deep cut in the neck, a knife was left by the killer at your sides. The couple’s daughter, a child of 02 years also have witnessed the scene. A hairdresser working in the salon 1attached to her home. Under the charge of the Police Station of Três Barras possibly this is a robbery, because the killer took an undisclosed amount of money that was in the box room and the room was trashed with all the drawers open. The suspicion is that the individual entered with the intent to steal, but was surprised by the victim and fear of being identified with the author ended up killing Miriam. Experts from the Institute of General Skills (IGP) were on site for evidence to help identify the perpetrator. Witnesses told military police that a blonde woman had left the room and entered a vehicle VW Golf in red which left at high speed. To date two women who were in the house hairdresser moments before the crime were heard. The two were clients of the victim, who was the blonde in red Gol and a woman who arrived by bicycle. They reported that they were in the hall on the day of the crime, but both have found a hairdresser and left. Fingerprints were collected at the scene and also the knife used to kill the victim. The Civil Police already have the names of some suspects, they ruled out any possibility of passion, revenge or crime-related debts, since the victim was a person well-connected in the community and had no enemies besides being religious and living in harmony with the husband.

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