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Feb 09, 2013
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Murder in the City of Toritama the Civil and Military Police had a lot of work in less than 24 hours were recorded two homicides in the capital of jeans. The second homicide of 2013 happened late on Friday the 08th of February by around 19:30…

…when the young victim of Lucinário da Silva Santos aged 17, was known as Neguinho lived in Trav. Father and Sandu in Cohab was killed inside his home by two elements which probably arrived hooded and arrobarem the door and even executed. Neguinho was hit by a bullet caliber and medium-caliber. Also according to the information these elements have escaped on a motorcycle that was near the residence of Neguinho. The Military Police made isolation of the area and also according to the PM as he said that it has already been arrested by Military Police several times. With him was found twelve stones that were sent to Crack the Civil Police “1st Precinct” which made the survey cadaverous and sent the body to the morgue in Caruaru.

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