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Feb 06, 2015

The victim was killed early on Thursday 5th in the street Maria Nenéu, known Rua das Caibeiras in Vila Rafael, rural Caruaru. The hodman, Luiz José da Silva, “Luiz Gago” as he was known, was 44 years old and was shot dead in the house.




According to the only daughter of the victim, lucicleide Mary, the father was sleeping on the sofa and she was sleeping in the room with her husband when the door of the house was broken into two people, one with a flash light, arrived on foot, she said that everyone was asleep and woke up to the noise.

The murderers one with a gun, the other with possibly a shotgun executed the victim with two shots. Then went to the bedroom and found the couple who pleaded for their life. The men left the scene without harming the young couple.


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