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Jun 18, 2017
A group of about ten men, hooded and armed with pistols and shotguns, stormed a house located between Independencia and Ypiranga streets, in the neighborhood of Raiz, Zona Sul, at dawn on Sunday, 18, and killed a man when he and A teenager, weighed and packaged drug wrappers.

The teenager was shot twice but survived and is hospitalized in a hospital and emergency room that the police chose not to divulge the name, to ensure his safety and even because he is a survivor and the key witness of the investigation being conducted by Homicide and Kidnapping Office (DEHS).

The man, according to his neighbors, was involved in drug trafficking and was also the owner of the house invaded by the hooded group, was murdered with at least seven shots that hit the head and other parts of the body after being beaten and put on his knees to die.

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