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Killed with three shots

Jan 11, 2013
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The police registered a murder most of the night Thursday, 1 st. This time the crime happened in Grota of Joy, in Benedito Bentes II. A crime that is drawing the attention of police of the 5 th District Police. Adailson Santos da Silva, only 13 years old, better known as “urêia,” was killed with three shots of caliber revolver 38.

He passed the street are Matheus, when two men came to the firing and firing. “Urea”, was instant death. According to his mother at home Maria Jose da Silva, 37 years, the council was not missed. “I said to him every day to get out of this life, but had no way”, desabafou the mother.

Maria Jose also said our story, that the child had already been arrested in Stealing and Furtos last year. Some residents who did not want to be identified, said that “Urea”, was the terror of Grota of Joy, and many people compared to the “Sandrinho”, killed in an exchange of gunfire with police in July last year, after a real human hunting.

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  • DeathsDoor

    13 years old blimey.

  • mokodinho

    who is stupid enough to shoot a child

  • DeathsDoor

    Happens more than than you think. Some crazy fuckers in the world.