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Man and Woman Murdered with a Shotgun

Jun 13, 2017
The police recorded a double homicide, around 11am last Saturday, 10, at a site located on the Tumbira branch, at Km 44 of the access road to the municipality of Novo Airão, 115 km away from Manaus, in a straight line.
A man identified by the name of “Ulysses” who is on the run, fired gunshots that killed the farmer, Rosana Silva da Fonseca, 39, and a man who was found next to her, whose name the police could not identify at the scene of the crime.

Cartridges collected by the police at the scene of the crime

There is information that has already been passed on to Anori police indicating that the gunman had a personal quarrel with the murdered couple and would have gone to the scene to commit the crime after taking a quick stroll.

Bottle of empty alcohol indicates that the couple were having fun when they were killed

Officers crowded in the 6th Group of the Military Police with headquarters in Novo Airão, were the first to arrive at the double homicide site and found dry bottles of alcoholic beverage and shotgun cartridges.



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