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Man Kills His Wife And Child

Apr 07, 2013
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Odair José de Oliveira Santos, nicknamed “Dai”, 36 called on his former wife Deborah Santos Lima, 19 years old, When entering the house  he began to attack her, she ran to the bathroom and he started beating her head against the floor killed her. After killing his ex partner Odair took his son only 8 months old, throwing him several times on the ground killing him. After killing his wife and son the man tried to kill himself with poison…



..The Poison didn’t work and he went to hospital.
Local people got so pissed off by the crime that he committed they stoned him, and set light to him when he was still alive.



  • SicMonster666

    What a sack of shit! Burning in hell i hope.

    • DeathsDoor

      Bit of a sick fuck for killing the kid.

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