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Money Lender Shot Dead

Sep 06, 2013

Murdered in the early hours of Tuesday, 3rd the ex-convict Jehoshaphat Ferreira Coelho, 25 years old, was inside a shack in Stanislaus Santos Avenue, in the neighbourhood of Novais in João Pessoa.

According to information from a relative, Jehoshaphat did not use drugs, and frequented the neighbourhood of Novais because the former partner. Relatives could not inform the police for what crime Jehoshaphat had been arrested since the time of the arrest he lived in Cabedelo. The victim was killed with four shots pistol point 40. A detail highlighted by the delegate Bruno Morrone, was a list of names and values ​​found in the pocket of the victim. The brother said that the victim had received a severance was and started lending money at interest, a practice known as usury. Police will investigate whether a crime has some connection with the activity of loan sharking.