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Murder In The Jungle

Feb 16, 2017

Province: The report said the woman Khmer 2 people were injured, stabbed to death in a pool of a horrible past hour 8 and 30 am on 16 February 2017 by the same Khmer workers brutally stabbed near the Thai border police headquarters local 115 airbag Nam Ron Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province.

Border authorities and officials Khmer not seem to get this information specific case workers Khmer brutally stabbed in Thai territory. But sources from the Thai authorities said the perpetrators and the victims are the same ethnic Khmer workers over Thailand .

The source has not yet confirmed the name of the perpetrators and the victims, but just know that the perpetrators are male victims women. But the reasons that led to the murder is not yet known, but it depends that the dispute stemmed from the story Love triangle.

According to a report from the island get the perpetrators used a knife stabbed 2 women victims escape into the jungle near the border near the scene a few hours later, police rounded up and sent to the police headquarters airbag Nam Ron city Monday to ask only once.

In the same report indicated that the perpetrators used a knife stabbed 2 Khmer woman who was lying dead near home and the other lying dead in the woods with wounds almost Sos. Khmer police stationed along the border area appears not get it yet. But officials said the workers are Khmer stabbed after being asked to contact the Thai side.

Khmer border officials have confirmed that they are linked to the Thai side to talk about this murder, but we have yet to receive specific information yet because Thai authorities asked autopsy perpetrators and female victims to seek background.

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