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Nasty End

Apr 13, 2017

After being lured into an ambush, on Thursday night, 13th, a drug user identified only as “Nato” was stabbed to death and later beheaded by the perpetrators identified as Thiago, Luke, Jonah and Daniel, who were arrested in the act.

According to information, the police received an anonymous call and arrived at the time when the 4 were consuming drugs and at the same time began to dismember the victim, who had already been decapitated inside a house.

Before being killed, “Nato” got a phone call from one of the killers calling for a meeting at a neighborhood diner, but what he didn’t know was that a plan was already in place for him to be murdered, decapitated, quartered and in the end, the parts Of his body would be placed in plastic bags and thrown into the woods of the neighborhood.


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