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Policeman Killed and Beheaded in Muyuka

Apr 29, 2019

Young Constable Adam Assana, serving on the front as part of the fight against the separatists, was kidnapped and murdered in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the South West region of Cameroon.

A policeman was kidnapped in the night of April 23 by secessionists in Muyuka in the Southwest region. The latter killed him and decapitated him before spreading parts of his body all over the city.

Indeed, the young gendarme Adam Assana, kidnapped by Ambazonian secessionist terrorists, was savagely cut, beheaded and eviscerated, before seeing his head impaled and thrown on public roads in several parts of the city.

On the web, the shocking images circulating since this morning and arouse various reactions from users. Cameroonian citizens, for the most part, deplore this cruelty as well as the silence of many international organizations that have a habit of beating down the Cameroonian security forces.

“The soldier receives the order of the superior and fires without legitimate defense. This act was done without any consideration for his family and loved ones, nor for the honor, dignity and humanity of the victim. Can we read in online comments. The sadness and turmoil in which they are throwing their loved ones and Cameroonian citizens in general is in no respect to them.

Obviously, incomprehensible to see these rebels act in this way.

The messages of indignation and consternation also fuse from all sides. “How far and how long will such unnatural acts be against the Defence Forces of a country? ”

In recent months, secessionist rebels have become used to looting people and their assets, imposing an inexplicable pace of life that almost equates to an animal life. These fighters seem to have nothing to do with human dignity and feel no compassion to objectify and destroy a human being as well. “In the name of what, who, what system of values, for what interests and how far should we do these things? Where do all Western, Western, Western Mainstream Media, European Union, European Parliament, Transparency International, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Save the Earth, Red Cross and International Red Crescent organisations hide? “One wonders.

On such occasions, we would have liked to see international organisations that claim to be humanitarian and human rights defenders, and the great powers, who are rather reactive and excited when it comes to denouncing the “exaction’s of the Cameroonian army against civilians and secessionists”. That no ! No output, no tweet, no post, on a topic that would be viral at this time if it were their intentions to manipulate. We all feel that all these sponsors are waiting to see their affected by these conflicts to come forward.



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