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Rape and Murder

May 20, 2016
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Indonesia: The 18-year-old teenage girl was found dead with her body covered with blood and her genital was stuffed with a hoe.


The victim, Enno Fariah (18), were found by her 3 friends on May 13 morning. According to her friends, she was absent from work for 3 days and they find something amiss. Therefore, they decided to go and visit her but later found out that her house door is locked. They knocked but no one respond.

Feeling suspicious and anxious, they break down the door and found Fariah’s lying motionlessly. Her body was covered with pillows and cloth, with a hoe in her genital.

According to the relevant authorities, the hoe was stuffed deep into the victim’s genital, around 60cm deep. Police found semen, which proved that the girl was raped before the hoe was stuffed into her.


The hoe stuffed into Enno’s genital that killed her

The local Police captured 3 suspects, where one of them is victim’s boyfriend. After the investigation, it was suggested that Enno’s boyfriend has the motive to kill her, due to her rejecting him to have sex. Her boyfriend by the name Rahmat Alim (15).


Rahmat Alim, Enno’s boyfriend

They know each other for a month, and decided to meet up in the house on Thursday night. When Rahmat asked her for sex, she rejected immediately. He then left the house furiously and came back with another two men for their help.

They barged into the house and hold Enno down. They couldn’t find any knives in the kitchen, hence they grabbed the hoe which is located not far from victim’s room and hit her face! She was half conscious, and raped by 3 of them, before being stuffed with a hoe as deep as 60cm.


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  • dexxter

    Some people deserve the death sentence. These arseholes deserve a slow painful death. The look on that poor girl’s face shows how much she suffered.

    • Agree.

    • glass

      Death sentence by the same method of murder would be justice.

    • Robert Creed

      kill this asshole by firing!


    Esos negros ignorantes ,no tienen sangre ni alma,para generarle tanto dolor y maldad y una muerte tan denigrante a esa chica..( violen pero No maten ! Sabrina fernanda